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Laundry Equipment to Start Your Laundry Business Now

Are you looking to open your Laundry business now? Let's discuss what are the steps and laundry equipment that can support you to start opening your laundry business. First, before you start buying laundry equipment, there are several points that you should understand first. Rotaryana will invite you to understand the important parts of Commercial Laundry Rotaryana that you will turn into a business field.

Make your business plan the foundation for your business to run, in your business plan make sure you understand the service or services you will provide and the type of laundry you will be doing, whether it is kilogram laundry, coin laundry, dry clean laundry. Don't forget that you must also note other additional services, such as delivery/pick-up services or other additional services. Don't forget to do research on competitors with similar businesses in your environment, in terms of prices, services provided, demographics to your target market.

After you understand your business, do some training and certification, then it's time for you to prepare laundry equipment to buy. What is the commonly used laundry equipment?

For those of you who choose a kilogram laundry business, scales are very important for you to have. Because that way you can set the price of the clothes that customers will wash. You can use two types of irons for your laundry equipment, conventional irons or steam irons. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, conventional irons can be considered cheaper and have a more stable heat, but with a steam iron, you can make sure the clothes you iron can reach every corner more neatly but at a relatively more expensive price.

For a washing machine, this one is a must-have. Some commercial washing machines have a large capacity, some have a dryer feature, some don't have a dryer feature. You can adjust it to your budget or the main service that you will provide. Also, make sure you understand the warranty provided and if possible look for one that has a long warranty.

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