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Some of people like to perform on stages because they can deliver their intentions and interests trough their drama scripts. It is a normal thing because they can create a lot of gimmicks as the essential aspect for every performer on stages. However, some of performers can’t really memorize a long drama script because it can stop their creativities to elaborate their dialogues. Thus, some of short drama scripts for students are necessary. If you play in an excellent drama club or professional drama classes then you must be able to give the outstanding performance for your audiences.

It is also great for the players or performers to share their creativities with others because they have to build a perfect theater mind for their audiences. Even though some of audiences see their performances on stage but they still need to feel the emotions from each player directly. Some of players need to practice their vocals too because they also need to deliver the sounds that they have to say on stages. Some of characters may have their uniqueness because the script writer can give his or her imaginations for the drama.
Some of characters that they write in their drama scripts can also be animals and other living creatures. Thus, great players must know different articulations from all living creatures. Some of dramas also have few of parts that they have for musical sessions. They can play some of music instruments on stages to add extra values in their drama scripts. Some of melodies can build different circumstances for the players on stages while they are playing their characteristics. Some of audiences can also understand the story of the drama better if they listen to certain types of melodies from the live musical instruments that they play on stages. Musical drama can also be very interesting for some of audiences who can’t really understand the story but they can still enjoy the story.