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How to Wash Carpets with Water

First, the title on the floor then does the removal of dust by using a vacuum cleaner, this method is very important to make the pre-condition of carpet washing more ideal, because the average carpet dirt is the sediment of dust. Visit carpet cleaning service riverview to get help.

Second, spread the carpet and hang it on a clothesline, or a special support device, the goal is to position the carpet easily flowing with water, and not flooded (because if it is flooded it has the potential to damage carpet glue).

Third, after the carpet has been spread out, spray the carpet with water (it's better to use a sprayer so the water pressure is a little stronger)

Fourth, after the carpet has been moistened (also functions to evaporate the dirt), then the next step is to smear the carpet with special carpet soap (carpet shampoo) / if there is none can use soft soap, such as natural soap, baby soap.

Fifth, brush the dirty parts using a soft brush, do not brush too hard because it can shed the carpet fur.

Sixth, after making sure all the dirty parts of the carpet have been brushed, then flush with water (rinsing process) with a spray that is not hard (soft), let the water flow to transport dirt on the carpet.

Seventh, dry the carpet in a place that is not straightly exposed to sunray (so its hair is not becoming rough) instead of a place that has enough air circulation (to avoid odor).

Eighth, after your carpet make sure to dry sprinkle with baking soda to remove the smell, and after 30 minutes clean the carpet using a vacuum cleaner again.

Ninth, roll / fold the carpet according to the original structure, then pack it in plastic if it hasn't been used, to avoid the carpet being exposed to dust.

That's it for the tips that we may share with you, we hope it helps you to understand more about carpet cleaning.

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