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Determining the right size for dog slippers are extremely tricky as the front and back paws of dogs can be in different sizes. If the owner of the dog measures the size wrong, buying the dog slippers will be such a waste, or if although it still can fit the paws of the dog by force, it can give harm to the dog itself instead of making them comfortable in them. For that reason, there are several methods to help any dog owner get the right measurement of the paws of the dog and in order to help you get a clear understanding about one of the adrienne farricelli dog training methods, you can visit our website to see us explaining that.

The first thing to remember when measuring a paw of a dog, the owner should make sure that the entire surface of the paw which touches the floor has been counted. The measurement should cover the back of the paw to the front side, including the toenails if the dog has. As for the nails of the paws, it would be better if the nails are trimmed as it can give more comfort to the dog when wearing the dog slippers.

So, remembering the thing above, to measure the size of the paws, the best way to do so is by measuring it while your dog is standing. By measuring it this way, you will be able to know more precisely all the part of the paw which touches the floor as the paw is completely splayed. Then you will not miss any part and make any mistake when measuring. It can result in you getting a different size of the paw if you measure it while your dog is sitting or lying.

If you have been successful in making your dog stand up, place the paw of your dog on a blank space of a paper and then mark the front and the back for the measurement of the length. Then, for the width measurement, draw the lines on each side, the right and left sides, of the paw. After that, you can start to measure the sizes of each line you have marked on the paper. Do the same to the rest of the paws as you cannot just rely on just one of the paws your dog has. There could be some differences of sizes between each paw and it is better to know all the sizes that you can get the most precise measurement.