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We all know the benefits of plants for human life. Starting from as a source of oxygen, or using wood as a material to make houses or other items. But sometimes we can't see the smaller scope or details of the benefits of plants so some people feel that planting trees at home is quite a hassle and leaves the greening business to the government. Even though with the best multi purpose shovel we can already garden from home.

In order not to feel the hassle of planting trees, we need to know the special benefits of plants for everyday life. Here are some reasons why we need to grow our plants at home.

1. The Air Becomes Cleaner
Not only produce oxygen, but trees are also able to make the air cleaner. Tree leaves can filter dirty air and pollution produced by motor vehicles, factories, and others. That is why the city is often made of green open land. In addition to recreational facilities, it can also be an effort to reduce pollution levels.

2. The house is not too dusty
With its function that can filtering pollution, the air around is also cleaner. Large trees are also usually able to withstand the wind. Densely leafed trees are good at catching flying dust.

3. Save and can be an additional source of money
Planting trees can also make us more efficient. Just try growing vegetables, fruits, or herbs in your yard. We don't need to spend money every day to cook or if we want fruit snacks. Just pick it up on the home page.

4. Cools Hot Or Dry Air
The presence of trees around the house can also make the air cooler. Even though the weather is very hot and dry, trees will protect us and produce cooler and more comfortable air. Especially if we leave the land where the trees are located with piles of leaves that absorb rainwater. Then the air also becomes more humid.

5. Gives a Beautiful View
Green plants will provide a beautiful and fresh view. Even reportedly looking at green leaves is also good for our eye health, you know. With good planning, trees and ornamental plants in the yard of the house can also make the house more beautiful.