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There is a reason why a workplace needs to have an Occupational Health and Safety certification. At any time, there is always the possibility of accidents at the worksite. Contact mike morse if you find a case of an accident at work, but the victim (employee) does not get compensation from the company. The types of work accidents that often occur vary, apart from the company, you also have to know them so you can be more careful at work. Although work accidents can happen suddenly, if you can take precautions, the chances of them happening will be reduced.

Types of work accidents
The following are the most common types of work accidents that occur in the company environment:

1. Fall or slip
The most common types of work accidents are falling or slipping. Whether it's in an office or factory, there are always uneven or slippery areas that put employees at risk of falling. In addition, the risk of falling is also quite large in a work area that requires working from a height such as falling from a ladder. Therefore, if you work in an area that is slippery and prone to slipping, use footwear with a fairly rough surface.

2. Muscle injury
Work accidents that are also common when you work are muscle injuries. Usually, this often happens in a work environment that requires carrying quite heavy loads. Muscle injuries most often occur in the back and neck area. To avoid this, it's a good idea to find out how to lift heavy objects.

3. Objects hit
Not only in a work environment with a factory concept but work accidents in the form of falling objects can also happen anywhere. Objects that fall from the top of the cupboard can cause injury if they occur without any prior anticipation. For this reason, it is important to provide adequate storage space and a method of arrangement that is not dangerous. When passing through aisles or storage areas, make sure the piles of items that could potentially fall on you are in the correct and safe position. This will reduce your risk of being hit.

4. Injuries due to repetitive movements
For those of you who spend a lot of time in front of the computer, be aware of the risk of injury due to repetitive movements. The term is repetitive strain injuries. This is a joint injury due to movement errors or muscle tension that occurs continuously or in the long term. To avoid this, you must know the correct sitting position during the day in front of a laptop or computer. Also, make sure the supporting equipment such as a table or chair is ergonomic. Regular stretching of the muscles can also help.

5. Exposure to noise
Ear health is at stake for workers who have to be exposed to noise every day. The term for this condition is industrial deficiency if it is not handled properly. In addition to having to wear ear protection, workers must also find a break to be in a quieter place at certain time intervals.