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December 22 is a special day for mothers around the world, and this date is a celebration of Mother's Day. In this case, we as children need to have gift ideas for mum that are following what our mothers want. Mother's Day is a day where all children can freely express their love for their mother who has sacrificed a lot for her. Starting from caring for, and educating to willing to sacrifice his life just for his beloved child. With a mother's love that has no limits for her child, of course, we as children need to give the best for our mother. Indeed, expressing love for parents, especially our mothers, it can be done every day but there is nothing wrong with making Mother's Day which falls on December 22, you give a special celebration for your mother and a gift that can make your mom to be happy

Celebrating Mother's Day can be done in various forms. For those of you who have grown-up children, lavish celebrations, lots of gifts and heartfelt greetings may be yours. But if your child is still small, then you as a mother can make every moment of Mother's Day an unforgettable day by doing various exciting activities with your young children. Such as drawing, making flowers, playing paint and so on. You can do this with your child. Moreover, if the activity becomes a work that can be displayed, of course, it will be a memory that will always be there.

As for those of you who are confused about what kind of gift you should buy for your mother. So you have to understand one thing first. The mother will accept any kind of gift given by her child. Even just a word of love means a lot to a mother.