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This pedalboard is sure to make your disco, sway your hips, or at least shake your head. From the various sounds produced, the bass effect is so pleasing. Many world musicians, such as the band U2, Stevie Wonder, and Edie Brickell, have used the bass envelope filter for funk and disco music. Let's explore what the following advantages are.

1. Unique design
Bass Envelope Filter has its characteristics. The buttons and letters are user-friendly designed with plastic material for a vintage pedal look but still look edgy. The Frequency button allows the user to select the appropriate frequency. Sweep Range is used to controlling the direction and width of the sweeping filter.

Meanwhile, the Speed button, allows the user to control and reduce the speed time gradually. Motion sensor, Hot Hand has a special input on the Bass Envelope Filter. Makes it easier for users to modulate speed and depth with rings that can be worn or placed on the headstock.

2. Filtration System
The advantage of the Bass Envelope Filter is in the 5-string Jazz Bass Sound which can make every listener immediately disco on the dance floor. The Sweep button and frequency can also be adjusted as needed, although it does require practice and experimentation to produce a variety of different sound effects. Even though it is turned on with a loud sound range and high volume, the Bass Envelope Filter can produce stunning sound tones.

Many people recommend presets 20, 21 (phase), and 3 (2 poles low pass). Meanwhile, Speed is at number 2, and Frequency and Sweep are preset at 15 (triple-peak) to create sweet bass and vocal effects.

3. Captivating performance
Some guitar players enjoy spending quality time with their guitar pedals. It takes practice and special instincts so that the ability to produce bass effects is more perfect. For those of you who want to get a more varied slap–bass technique, the Bass Envelope Filter effect is the right choice.

Comes with 22 different preset filter effects, such as low pass, single peak, triple peak, pole, and phaser settings. You can produce various sound effects according to your needs and desires.

This guitar pedal provides an impressive array of control options. Including, frequency, sweep range, and speed. There are six customizable presets that allow the user to save the best settings you've got.